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Rachel Zoe, is an American fashion stylist and designer, born on the 1st of September 1971 in New York. Zoe grew up in New Jersey and attended George Washington University, where she studies Psychology and Sociology. With no formal fashion training, Zoe started out in the fashion industry as an editor. Now, Zoe is one of the most reputable stylists to various A-list celebrities, becoming a house-hold name.


Rachel Zoe was one of the pioneers of the now, infamous Boho-chic trend. Boho-chic consists of wearing oversized jewelry, and large flowing dresses. Zoe, along with Nicole Richie, were the first to embrace this style and soon the world followed.


Zoe has taken part in various notable collaborations with reputable brands, such as Samsung, Gap and QVC, as well as debuting her reality TV show, “The Zoe Project” in 2008, which successfully ran for 5 seasons. In July 2015, Zoe aired her very own fashion and lifestyle talk show, named “Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe”.


Print media also got a taste of Zoe’s glam empire, when she founded her very own Newspaper, “The Zoe Report”  in August 2009 which had an astounding number of over 750 000 subscribers. Zoe also released a contemporary fashion collection of foot ware, clothing and handbags, which are all influenced by 60’s and 70’s style. You guessed it, that’s not all… Zoe also released a book titled “Living in Style”, is there anything this woman can’t do?


Rachel Zoe is a prime example of a goal-drive, hardworking woman who deserves applause for her dedication to the fashion industry and empowering women through her various platforms in the industry.




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