Saint Patrick's Day!

ALL BAGS - Saint Patrick's Day

Formally known as 'The Feast of Saint Patrick', this cultural and religious celebration evolved around the observance of the death of Saint Patrick, of Ireland. The celebrations were usually enjoyed around a large feast with loved ones as far back as the 7th Century.

Fast forward a few decades and Saint Patrick’s day has since evolved into a variety of festivals, celebrated globally.


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The universal theme of the day, is to appear as Irish as possible, wearing as many green items of clothing and accessories as you possibly can.

Other than heading to the nearest bar for a green beverage, there are street festivals and even formal gatherings such as banquettes, all depending on the country you may be celebrating in.


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In Ireland, Saint Patrick’s day is a national holiday, allowing citizens to take part in activities and attend parades and street festivals, celebrating Ireland and observing the death of Saint Patrick. You don’t have to be in Ireland to celebrate as some of the most popular festivals on this day are held in various countries such as Scotland, Great Britain, Moscow, Switzerland, Russia, America and even the Caribbean and some parts of Asia.


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You’re probably gearing up to celebrate, so we thought you’d like a quick lesson on typical Irish words to use throughout the day:

“Minerals” : Sodas/Soft drinks

“The press” : The cupboard

 “Pint of Gat” : Guinness Beer

“A whale of a time” : When you’re having a really good time.


ALL BAGS - Happy Saint Patrick's Day


In short, grab your favourite minerals or a pint of Gat from the press and have a whale of a time, this Saint Patrick’s Day!


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! xx

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