Winter Must-Haves

ALL BAGS - Winter Must-Haves


If Winter wasn’t so cold, it would be my favourite season… contradicting right? I know, but I’m in love with Winter knits, faux fur hoodies, coats, boots and leggings. Having to plan your layers, colours and knits, as if every day there’s an event to be attended and the theme is ‘Winter Wonderland’. There’s something luxurious about Winter fashion… it’s absolute bliss! There’s a fine line between accessorising your outfit and decorating a Christmas tree, so we’ve decided to put together our 6 favourite Winter looks  and accessorise them with the perfect bag:


1. Greys and Pastels


 ALL BAGS - Greys


Grey encourages the icy, winter feel and is often a popular choice when it comes to trending colours, during the colder seasons. Pair up an outfit like this, with an off-white, structured handbag, in order to  compete with the laid-back aesthetic of the loosely-fitted knits. In this case, I’ve chosen a simple off-white tote with a pop of colour in the scarf accessory.





2. Street-Wear


ALL BAGS - Street Wear 


Winter-wear can also be street-trendy. Opt for an all-black outfit, a bulky knit scarf and a fitted coat or leather jacket. This is the type of outfit that an out-and-about, girl on the town would wear, so I’ve paired it up with a black handbag which is also a trendy backpack. A simple, yet daring accessory which completes the look effortlessly.





3. Colour Pop


ALL BAGS - Colour Pop 


Winter fashion isn’t all about mono-tones and pastels, sometimes wearing a bright or patterned sweater is all we need for that mid-winter pick-me-up. On days like these, try to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. Competing your outfit with your handbag is going to be over-bearing and tacky. I’ve chosen a simple white sling bag to complete this look. The same bag in black, cream or grey would also do the trick.





4. Daring and Edgy


ALL BAGS - Daring and Edgy 


For the daring and non-conforming types (you go girl!), if you’ve gone far enough to put together a totally eclectic outfit, comprising of a tutu and a leather jacket, then you shouldn’t stop there! Go for a black handbag with a pop of colour or an unusual accessory or in this case, an eye-catching graphic. Again, less is more, so don’t over-do it, but emphasise your unique take on fashion.






5. Luxurious Textures


ALL BAGS - Luxurious Textures


Pairing various textures and materials is an absolute essential, as you want to avoid wearing 4 layers of heavy knits at once. Certain materials give off a more luxurious aesthetic and are often extremely eye-catching and attention grabbing, so your accessories need to be low-key elegant. I’ve chosen this simple mink studded hobo bag for another subtle element of surprise with an outfit filled with surprises.





6. Little Miss Sassy


ALL BAGS - Little Miss Sassy


When the weather warms up a little and allows you to remove some of those bulky layers, for a sassy, sexy look, you throw on a little skirt, stockings, a light fitted sweater and a cute hat or beanie. Keep it minimal and super trendy, with this dusty mink, small half-moon sling-bag. A minimalist addition to a perfectly structured outfit.



Embrace the colder seasons by dressing to impress whilst staying cozy. Remember, you can shop all these trendy bags at now!


Happy shopping xx

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