12 Clutch Bag Essentials

Jani Rust


With the biggest bash of the year just around the corner, you’re probably pre-planning your outfit before you party all the way into 2018.
The perfect accessory to a cocktail dress or evening wear, is the classic clutch bag.
We are well aware that you are probably baffled about what you are able to fit in this pint-sized bag, so we’re going to list 12 clutch bag essentials for a night out on the town:


  •       Cash/Debit Card

Both are important, as there are some places that do not have card facilities.
Secondly, waiting for your card payment to process at a crowded bar is never a great way to start the night.


  • Coins

Just a couple will suffice, to pay those inconvenient parking meters while you’re out on the town.
You are able to purchase tiny cash-pouches, that hold all your money together without taking up unnecessary space in your clutch.


  • Driver’s License/I.D.

If you’re drinking, you should definitely not be getting behind the wheel, however,
it is necessary to have some sort of identification document in your bag.

  • Breath Mints

Whilst you sip on your cocktails, chatting to someone you may have just met in a crowded bar,
its common courtesy to have fresh breath.

  • Pain Reliever

Headaches are unpredictable but you shouldn’t allow them to ruin your evening.
Keep a couple paracetamol tablets in you clutch, just in case.

  • Band-Aids

For those nights when you may party a little too hard, or maybe you just need blister heeling from your nine inch heels.

  • Compact Powder and Lipstick

Eating, drinking and dancing the night away, will all eventually result in faded make-up.
Touch-up your makeup for that fresh-face appearance all night long.


  • Tissues

Tissues always come in handy for various reasons, I carry them around in order to blot off oil from my skin,
before touching up my make-up and of course, for those bathrooms that never seem to have any toilet paper.



  • Travel-sized Perfume

There’s no harm in smelling fresh through the entire evening. Travel-sized refillable perfume bottles will become your best friend!



  • Small Comb/Brush

If your hair is anything like mine and seems to have a personal vendetta against you,
you’ll be needing a brush to smooth out those tangled strands.]



  • Bobby Pins/Hair Bands

Unfortunately, there are elements which are out of our control and you may require emergency hair rescue!



  • Safety Pins

These little life-savers should accompany you to every event, in case of any wardrobe disasters.


May these tips help you during the new year. Please let us know if you have any clutch bag essentials to survive a night out on the town. 

Happy Shopping xx


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