The biggest handbag trends of 2017

Jani Rust


As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to reminisce on the best and worst trends of the year. Lucky for us handbag fashion evolved in a big way,
with inventive designs hitting the runway and stylish vintage revivals finding their way back into our daily outfits. We’re listing the trendiest handbags of 2017:

     1. Micro Bags

Less is more in this case. These mini bags are the perfect elegant accessory, that can be worn from day to night.
Of course, you’ll only be able to carry the bare minimum but it’s a great clutch-alternative.



  1. Oversized Bags

From one extreme to the next… A convenient design for those of us who carry everything but the kitchen sink (I’m guilty).
They may be oversized but they are still super trendy.



  1. Multiple Bags

For those of us who refuse to part with our micro bags but unfortunately, we’ve still got stuff to carry around.



    4. Day-time Clutch

Who said that the elegance of a clutch should only be displayed at sun-down?
The sleek designs have been well-adapted for every-day wear.



  1. Stunning Straps

The straps’ purpose has shifted from being purely functional, to being a focal point of the overall bag design.




  1. Get a handle on it!

Instead of slinging your handbag over your shoulder,
in 2017 we’ve noticed more and more fashionistas carrying their bag beside them, using the top handle.



  1. Geometric

Other than the classic handbag shapes, such as the tote, the bucket and the barrel, geometric shapes are currently trending in a big way.



  1. Vintage Revival

The big names in fashion have been spotted exhibiting vintage inspired handbags,
purses and clutches on the runway. Proving that fashion never really dies.



  1. Saddle bags

This is a versatile bag, allowing you to dress it up or dress it down,
the compact and elegant shape has been widely spotted amongst fashionistas alike.




  1. Boho Chic

We don’t see bohemian fashion making an exit any time soon, and it’s influence has definitely made an impact on handbag trends.
Tasseled bags and tasseled handbag accessories are all the rage this year!



We hope that majority of these trends will remain on the runways in 2018 as we’re not ready to depart with them,
although, we are looking forward to the new year to explore what our favourite fashion houses have in store.

Stay tuned to our blog to be the first to know about our new trends.

Happy shopping xx



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