5 Tips for Surviving Cyber Monday

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2017’s Black Friday has come and gone, and if you’re reading this, you have successfully survived the stampede of eager shoppers with your limbs and sanity intact.
Alternatively, you’ve skipped Black Friday all-together, saving your energy and your budget for Cyber Monday. In case you’ve been living in a cave, Cyber Monday is the online equivalent to Black Friday, allowing shoppers to skip the queues and take advantage of similar discounts online.


Cyber Monday is a fairly new phenomenon, making it’s debut on the 28th of November 2005. In the age of technology, online shopping’s world-wide revenue, is growing substantially on a recurring basis. ‘Why?’ you may ask? The answer is simple: convenience, convenience, convenience! We may not like to admit it, but the rapid advance in technology over the past few years has made us lazy, as we expect to execute tasks whilst exerting the least amount of energy. Online shopping and Cyber Monday in particular, allows you to shop at all your favourite retailers for Christmas bargains from the comfort of your couch.


With the popularity of Cyber Monday growing yearly, it’s safe to assume that you will be competing for your discounted items, with thousands of other online shoppers.
We’ve compiled a go-to-guide for surviving the online frenzy:

  1. Make a list, check it twice and try you best to stick to it!
  2. Cyber stalk your favourite retailers to view their discount offers before the online rush.
  3. Read the fine print. (Delivery costs, return policies, etc.)
  4. Use more than one device, in order to compare prices.
  5. Only shop on secure sites with secure online payment options.


You are now equipped to tackle Cyber Monday, head-on!

Happy shopping. xx

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