Your Complete Guide to 10 Trendy Handbag Shapes

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If you are reading this, you probably own your fair share of handbags… However, if you’re reading this, the title has intrigued you, and now you’re wondering how many trendy handbag shapes you own and whether or not you’ve been using them to their full potential?


Let’s dive right into it… These are 10 handbag shapes that are either trending or currently making a comeback:

  1. Bucket

    Let’s start this off with a simple handbag shape. The bucket is slightly large with a circular base. Housing one main compartment with a draw string and one detachable long sling-strap. This is a casual bag, but it depends on the materials used as this bag-style has the potential to be worn from day to night.

  2. Doctor

    The doctor is a structured-style handbag, with an executive appearance. The style was molded after a traditional doctor’s bag, which was designed for professional practitioners, however, the size, designs and materials used are adapted to modern fashion trends.

  3. Clutch

    Every fashionista needs to own at least one clutch bag in their handbag collection. Perfect for black-tie events or a girl’s night-out. This compact, structured bag is meant to be an accessory to an elegant outfit. Modern adaptions of the clutch, boast a more practical addition, of a sling-strap or chain, so that you’re not forced to hold it in your hand all night.

  4. Hobo

    This is a tale as old as time… The hobo bag never seems to go out of fashion. A large slouchy shape, a single opening and usually a single shoulder strap. Due to its size and slouchy, casual shape, it allows you to carry much more than just your essentials and surprisingly comfortable carry over your shoulder.

  5. Barrel
    Also a classic shape, the Barrel has taken on various designs and sizes, but a classic nonetheless. Usually a medium sized bag, with a structured and fairly round shape, this particular bag shape is relatively versatile and the perfect companion for various occasions.

  6. Tote

    A girl’s best friend… also known as the “carry-all”. A relatively large bag, with one main compartment and twin handles. The tote is the notorious go-to handbag for any occasion.

  7. Wristlet

    No, this is not a clutch. A wristlet is a hand-held bag, usually quite flat and square-ish in shape, with a bracelet-type strap, which allows the bag to hang from your wrist. This miniature bag only allows you to carry your absolute essentials, nevertheless, it has become a trending accessory for any summer outfit.

  8. Shopper

    Shopper bags have come a long way from being woven and a practical solution for carrying your groceries from the store to your car. The shopper has been transformed into a fashion essential! Usually a large, rectangular shaped bag, with one main compartment and twin shoulder straps, perfect for a casual day out and about.

  9. Saddle

    Traditionally, saddle bags were small bags which would be attached to the saddle of a horse, allowing riders to carry their essentials. Fast-forward a few years and the Saddle bag has become a prerequisite to your handbag collection. A small square-shape sling bag, which is usually decorated with buckles or tassels. A perfect every day, casual outfit accessory.

  10. Structured
    Structured bags have been trending for quite some time. Renowned designers create elegant, lush designs, along with minimalist colour blocking and eccentric patterns. The structured handbag is a boxy shape, varying between twin shoulder straps and long cross-body straps. The appearance of the bag is usually quite sophisticated but can be adapted from day-to-day and evening occasions.

We hope this bag-spiration has inspired you to find the shape that works for you and remember to take risks and try something new this season!


Happy shopping xx 

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