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April Fool’s Day is a European and Western celebration, commemorated by playing light-hearted pranks and hoaxes on unsuspecting friends, family and even strangers. The jokesters usually shout out, “April Fool!” in order to expose their pranks. The celebrations even go as far as to allow the media to publish fabricated news, which is usually revealed the following day.


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In the middle ages, New Year’s Day was not celebrated on the 1st of January, but rather on the 25th of March, lasting a week and ending on the 1st of April in the majority of European towns. Calendar changes were made later on, resulting in New Year’s Day being celebrated on the 1st of January but not everyone was aware of this, which lead to in celebrators of New Year’s Day on the 25th of March until the 1st of April, being teased and pranked.


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Since then, New Year’s Day has been celebrated on the 1st of January and the 1st of April is now known as April Fool’s Day and celebrated globally. There are a few alternative theories revolving around the history of April Fool’s, but this is the most widely agreed upon.

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we have listed our favourite practical jokes:

  1. Insect Invasion

Purchase toy insects or create cardboard cut-outs and place them around the house or the office, creeping out all those insect haters.


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  1. Disguised Foods

Play around the idea of disguising  foods. Caramel coated onions, instead of apples or a banana peel covered sausage, the options are endless.


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  1. Mouse prank

Print out your favourite meme and stick it underneath your co-worker’s computer mouse, blocking the sensor. When the mouse doesn’t work they will look underneath the mouse to discover a funny meme.


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  1. Jelly Juice

Freeze jelly in glasses, offer your friends a drink and watch the confusion unfold.


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  1. Un-soapy Soap

Paint a bar of soap with a coat of clear nail polish. Once dry, place it in the shower or by a basin.

The nail polish will prevent the soap from producing foam.


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Laughter is the best medicine and it should be your favourite pass time, so gather your friends and play a few practical jokes.


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Happy April Fool’s Day!


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