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Yes, you read it right… there is an actual full calendar day dedicated to tattoos. Some protest the idea of permanently marking one’s body, but we’re not here to debate. You have to agree that there’s definitely something intriguing about etching a story or an image into your skin, rendering it a permanent fixture on your body.

Granted, that all of us have seen at least one meaningless or regrettable tattoo in our lives, but for the most part the denotation behind tattoos are usually heart-warming and inspiring.


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Tattoos go further back in history than you may think. As far back as prehistoric times, as preserved  bodies have been discovered with markings or artistic  symbols visible on their flesh. Mummified corpses in Egypt with tattoos as well as the equipment used to create these tattoos, were found by archeologists.


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In the past several cultures and religions have stood firmly against tattoos, rendering it a taboo practice for many years.

Tattoos were believed to be the markings of criminals, however tattoos have since become more common amongst social circles and accepted by many.


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Tattoo Day raises awareness about the history of tattoos and promoting the acceptance of tattoos in all environments and also, to celebrate the creative talents of tattoo artists around the world.


Show off your ink! xx

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