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The clutch bag is a definite must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. The adored fashion accessory has been exhibited on runways for countless seasons and paired with on-trend outfits, by the most quintessential designers and stylists of our time. The ‘finger purse’, as it was previously referred to, originated in the 1930’s and since then, the clutch has taken on many shapes, sizes, fabrics and finishes, as the design is constantly adapted to contemporary fashion.


‘The rise of the clutch’, as some fashion blogs may refer to, has come as no surprise. Even though the accessory has always been present, as of late, the clutch bag has become an absolute fashion essential, as designers are revisiting the drawing board and designing the most fashion-forward clutch bags that we’ve seen, yet!


You may be in the dark when it comes to the clutch, and you may be wondering what all the hype is about? I’m here to give you some clutchspiration, breaking down all the reasons why you should own a clutch, now! 


A Classic Pair

A shimmering clutch and elegant heels… It’s a tale as old as time.
The clutch has been the perfect companion for every gala event, wedding reception, cocktail evening and black-tie party.
A classic, elegant clutch design, only big enough to carry your absolute essentials, is the perfect choice for any elegant affair. 

The Life of the Party 

The clutch bag has become synonymous with the perfect party bag.
“I can’t wait to haul my bulky tote bag around the club tonight!” – said no woman, ever!
A clutch can either fit in the palm of your hand, or have a versatile cross-body strap, allowing you to be the life of the party without the extra fuss. 


A Bold Statement

Clutch bags have come a long way from being restricted to minimalist and elegant designs.
Quirky clutch designs have become all the rage amongst designers, stylists and fashionistas alike.
Animal print, fur, detachable hardware, patterned details, the options are endless. 


The trademark envelope clutch has become a fashion icon.
The accessory is versatile, allowing you to wear it from day to night.
The iconic envelope design has also been adapted to larger bags, giving the illusion of an over-sized clutch bag.

Sizeable yet Convenient

Let’s face it, even though clutches are super trendy, they fall short of practicality in certain situations, due to their size.
Our fast-paced 21st century lifestyles, occasionally needs to be accommodated by larger bags.
Luckily for us, the oversized clutch bag design has surfaced, allowing for clutch fashion indulgers to opt for a more practical accessory,
which will conveniently hold all your daily essentials, whilst looking clutch-bag-chic!


There’s a clutch for every occasion! Embrace the trend and shop the perfect clutch for your style. Keep slaying xx

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