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The Kingdom of Belgium, most commonly referred to as ‘Belgium’, is located in Western Europe, sharing land borders with Germany, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Belgium is a fairly small country, boasting a large population of approximately 11 million people, making it one of the most densely populated countries is the world. Belgium is a beautiful country, with quaint towns, vibrant cities, and magnificent landscapes with mountainous views and rolling green valleys.


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Belgium is known for a variety of delicious treats, such as Belgian Waffles and chocolate. Belgium is the number one exporter of chocolate in the world and its very own Brussels international airport sells the most chocolate in the world. Let’s not forget about the fact that Belgium produces over 1100 varieties of beer and is world-famous for this reason.


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The most popular sports in Belgium, are cycling, swimming, judo, tennis and the post popular of all being, soccer. Unfortunately Belgium has never won the soccer world cup but they continue to surpass expectations, this year in Russia.


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Belgians are family orientated and you’ll find that Belgians tend to remain in the town where they had been raised, in order to stay close to their roots and their family. For the most part, Belgian’s are known for being quite particular about their image and overall appearance. Not only do they worry about their self-appearance, but also the appearance of their homes. Its not uncommon to find a Belgian washing the pavement outside their home or sweeping the street, as cleanliness is a part of their national pride. A firm handshake when greeting an acquaintance suffices, while three kisses to the cheek (without actually touching the cheek with one’s lips) is a common greeting amongst friends.


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Even though Belgians may seem formal and well put together, they are also a festive nation, with world-renowned music and EDM festivals hosted in Belgium on a yearly basis, the Belgians definitely know how to let loose.


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When it comes to fashion, the Belgians pride themselves on being well-dressed and quiet fashionable. Clothing is always well-fitted, never scruffy and of course more conservative, around corporate environments, museums and churches.

Belgium, yet another diverse and fascinating country, worth exploring. We wish Belgium the best of luck in their upcoming games.



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