Handbag Storage: 6 Easy steps!


Even though you’re only able to carry one bag at a time, you probably own a decent collection,
of which 70% are probably stuffed at the bottom of your wardrobe or hanging on your coat hanger.
Women tend to spend a respectable amount on handbags and it’s only fair to store them properly in order to prolong their lifespan.

Follow this simple 6 step process and you won’t go wrong:



  1. Clean up

After using a handbag for a couple of days consecutively and you’ve now decided that it’s time for a change, most of us tend to remove on the essentials from the bag, before placing it on a pile of all our other handbags, only to discover receipts and candy wrappers in it, when we decide to use that bag again. Before storing your bag, empty it properly and wipe it, using a damp cloth (depending on the material).


  1. Stuff it

A bag that has lost it’s shape will never be the same again… I know this may sound melodramatic but it’s the truth. When storing a bag, you need to stuff it with tissue paper, bubble wrap or a small pillow, in order to preserve the shape to ensure that it remains timeless in appearance.


  1. Wrap it up

Wrap the hardware, such as buckles and zippers, in tissue paper in order to prevent scratches, scuffs and imprints. The hardware will remain shiny and as good as new.


  1. Dust Resistant

When you purchase a new bag, it may be tempting to rip the box open and disregard the dust cover in the midst of your excitement. Instead, you should keep the box and the dust cover for storage purposes. Once your bag is stuffed and the hardware is wrapped up, slip the bag into a dust cover or a neutral cotton pillow case, in order to protect from dust accumulation.


  1. Store it

Store your bags on a repurposed bookshelf or a shelf in your wardrobe (if you’re lucky to enough have the space). The best way to store handbags, is in separate cubicles to avoid imprints and misshaping. Create cubicles with stylish storage boxes, shelf dividers or make your own with translucent plastic or glass for a classy appearance.
A cheaper option, is to reuse the box that the bag was purchased in. Avoid stacking your bags on top each other or hanging them, as this will damage the bags over time.



  1. Picture Perfect

Lastly, you should snap a couple photos of each bag and stick the photos on the individual cubicles or boxes, in order to find your bags easily, without having to unpack each one.


Happy Shopping! xx

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