12 Beach Bag Necessities for this Summer

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Welcome to December, fashionistas! Now that we’ve officially entered the festive season, most of us are eagerly awaiting our well-deserved vacations.
If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days until your toes are covered in sand while you take a daily beach stroll.
As long as you’re beach-bound, you’re going to require a sufficiently stocked beach bag, in order to maximise your beach-day fun!

Below I’ve listed our top 12 beach bag necessities:

  • It’s all about the bag!

Before ticking off your beach day packing list, you need a generously sized tote/carry-all/backpack. Bonus points if its quirky!


  • Shades

Any out-door summer activity requires sunglasses. However, I prefer to pack an inexpensive pair,
as they can be easily damaged or lost while swimming or going head-to-head in a beach volley-ball show-down.



  • Sunblock

Getting a tan is a prerequisite before departing from your vacation destination, but there’s a fine line between being tanned and sunburn.


  • Towel

You’re going to need a towel to dry off after you swim or to lay on, whilst you work on your tan.
(An additional tanning mat is optional)



  • Sarong/Beach Dress

Just bring something along to throw on over your bikini, while you stroll along the beach or to visit the nearest ice-cream parlour for favourite your icy treat.

  • Waterproof pouch for phone

Not only will it protect your phone from water or sand, it will also allow you to take those Instagram-ready under-water selfies!



  • Reading Material

This is an absolute essential! Tanning without a good book or your favourite fashion magazine can become boring.
Bring along a good read to capitalise on your tanning experience.


  • Snacks & Water

Fun in the sun definitely works up an appetite! Be sure to pack a couple snacks for the day and don’t forget to stay hydrated!


  • Wet wipes

I’ve only recently started packing these and you’ll be thanking me later!
It’s a simple and convenient option to clean your sandy hands before having a snack or opening up your favourite book.



  • After-sun/Moisturiser 

A cooling Aloe-Vera after-sun gel is my go-to and absolute essential after a long day in the sun.
Keep your tanned skin hydrated, in order to prolong that golden appearance.


  • Camera

There are memories to be made and you’ll regret not capturing your epic sandcastle or that perfect family beach photo.


  • Sun Umbrella

You technically can’t fit this in your beach bag, but it’s an absolute must-have! You’re going to wish you had a bit of shade, by mid-day.



Make the most out of your sunny beach days, this holiday season!

Please be sure to read our other blogs for more fashion tips & tricks.

Happy shopping xx

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