Pairing Outfits & Handbags

ALL BAGS - Pairing Outfits & Handbags


Whether you are dressing up or down, having a different bag for your various outfits, is like wearing different shoes with every outfit… it’s a must!

Yes, we all have our “everyday bag” which is worn consecutively on those days when dressing up seems like the last thing on your list, but for the most part, an outfit without a perfect bag to match is incomplete.

We’ve scoured the depths of our very own online store, to find the quintessential bag for our top 6 favourite outfits of the moment. 


 1. A pop of colour

Neutrals are super trendy, especially as we head toward the colder seasons. Cool tones, greys, black and white rule the runway all year round no matter what the latest fashion fad may be. You could pair this outfit with a simple black or white sling bag, but we’ve decided to pair it with a bright purple tote, for that all-time-favourite pop of colour.

You’re welcome.


ALL BAGS - Purple Structured Tote - AB-H-1146


2. Playing with texture

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very adventurous when it comes to textured clothing. I’ll stick to the basics of cotton, denim, leather, polyester and possibly silky and smooth fabrics, but when it comes to pairing a faux fur coat and a silk lace-up dress, I’m not your girl. We’ve decided to pair this daring mink fur and suede outfit with a bold metallic handbag. This play on texture, balances out the striking appearance of each texture whilst tying them together with some gold jewellery... For the diva in you!


ALL BAGS - Patent - Tote - Handbag - Gold - Metallic - Medium - All Bags - AB-H-1084


3. Corporate knockout

This is a fairly simple outfit, paired with a simple black bag, but the results are undeniably trendy. The fact that the jumpsuit is entirely one shade of colour; the black, geometric, glossy tote handbag provides a bold accessory on a simple, maroon canvas.

This outfit is corporate chic.


ALL BAGS - Tote Handbag - Black - Patent - All Bags - PB-H-61858


4. Less is more

Colour blocking is still amongst the trendiest of trends and this bright yellow, black and white outfit is no exception. This is a perfect example of knowing when to allow an outfit to speak for itself, without an overbearing accessory. In this instance, less it more, so we’ve paired this outfit with a simple, black sling bag.

Out on the town with the girls has never looked so effortless.


ALL BAGS - Black Sling Bag - Susen - AB-H-1216


 5. Boho chic

I’m sure you are aware of the infamous Bohemian trend that doesn’t seem to be making an exit any time soon. This is a simple outfit, requiring only simple boho accessories to complete the look. We’ve paired it up with a Susen sling bag, which has beaded details and a tassel accessory, adding  the finishing touches to the overall boho aesthetic.


ALL BAGS - Dark Mink Saddle Handbag - AB-H-1210


6. Unlikely pair

This outfit and handbag twosome, is a perfect is example of why you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and pair-up an unlikely match. This is a simple black and white outfit with striking striped trousers. We’ve paired this outfit with an olive green, medium-sized tote with red accents and unique hardware.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks, it usually pays off!


ALL BAGS - Olive Green Tote - AB-H-1228


Fashion is purely a form of expression of one’s inner-self. Express yourself with a handbag selection worth drooling over, by shopping at All Bags (, where all of the handbags mentioned in this blog are readily available for your shopping pleasure.


Happy shopping, divas! xxx




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