Sling Bags – 5 Reasons to Love them

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The sling bag has been around for some time now, attracting both male and female buyers, alike. The basic design can be effortlessly adapted to various handbag patterns,
including but not limited to: laptop bags, hobo bags, messenger bags, satchel bags and the list goes on.
We are breaking down the 5 reasons why we love sling bags and we hope that after reading this, that you’ll love them too!


In today’s constantly evolving times, we have become professional multi-taskers.
An average morning may comprise of driving, drinking your favourite cup of joe, answering a three-way call
on your hands-free device, all whilst you attempt to stay calm in traffic.
Your handbag shouldn’t be part of your juggling act, instead it should be a hands-free attachment,
allowing you to keep all your essentials close by whilst multi-tasking throughout the day.


We all own that one handbag that allows you to carry everything you’ll need to survive an apocalypse.
The problem is, if you have the space, you will definitely use it and you will have to bear the consequences of a lob-sided posture.
Instead, you should use a sling bag, which is super trendy, compact and limits you to only carrying your absolute necessities.


After a long day at the office, one of your colleagues invites you out for a drink at the nearest pub.
Then it hits you, your boxy, oversized handbag is going to scream, "I had a bad day at the office".
Sling bags aren’t only designed to appear casual and quirky, there are chic designs which can be dressed up or down for any occasion.
Your favourite sling bag is perfect for the office and doubles as your night-life companion.

Arm Candy

Despite being our first choice for practicality, sling bags are also the quintessential accessory to any outfit.
If you’re not the type to wear much jewelry or sparkles, pair your outfit with a glittery sling bag, or a sling bag with a chain-like strap.
If your outfit is navy, don’t pair it up with a navy sling bag, rather select a metallic or a bright colour.
Your sling bag should be an eye-catching accessory.
Quirky sling bags are all the rage, with their bright patterns, animal print, glitter, oversized bows, or even entirely fruit-shaped.

Stylish Comfort

It’s not every day that fashion and comfort unite, in order to provide us with a well-rounded trend setting look. Sling bags are the exception!
Effortlessly stylish, practical and comfortable, choosing to pair your outfit with a fashionable sling bag for your night out on the town, a picnic or shopping date.
You definitely won’t regret it.

What’s not to love? Sling bags are the perfect summer accessory, get yours now!

Keep slaying xx


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