Retail vs E-tail – Which one is your choice of Shopping?

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Retail stores have evolved dramatically over the years. Existing since the ancient times, the retail industry began in small markets. These markets would usually be an open-air, temporary set-up in the middle of town, where the town’s residents would gather to socialize and barter for products. However, as these civilizations grew, the method of bartering evolved into conventional retail trade.

Old school trade market

The markets themselves developed and grew into permanent, enclosed structures, which later gave way to our very first climate-controlled, enclosed mall in Minnesota in 1956.
Since then, our malls and retail outlets have expanded and become more high-tech and extravagant, in order to provide consumers, with the most comfortable shopping experience. Now let’s reflect on the 21st century, where technology is rapidly advancing and consumers prefer executing a task in the most convenient way possible, hence the rise of online shopping!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are now able to shop our favourite brands and products, online, from the comfort of our home. Some may argue that we have become a lazy generation, relying on technology too often, whilst others argue that we are innovative solutionists.
Let’s look at some basic pros and cons of physical retail and online shopping, in order to solve this debacle:

Physical Retail Store



-       Social Interaction

-       Requires unnecessary time, effort and money

-       Face-to-face assistance

-       Unknown stock units of items

-       Personal experience

-       Annoying crowds


-       Location dependent


Online Store



-       Convenience

-       Trust issues

-       Easily compare prices

-       Unable to physically see item before purchasing

-       Not location dependent & able to track order online at all times

-       Frequent shipping charges

-       Able to view customer reviews before purchasing


-       Stock counts are usually displayed



In conclusion, we’ve found that shoppers generally make decisions based on convenience and location. If these two factors are a major influence on your shopping experience,
you should definitely consider exploring the world of e-commerce and online shopping. The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to shopping online because it’s simple and effective. E-commerce is the way of the future, allowing you to purchase anything in one convenient location – your living room!

Happy shopping xx

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