10 Hottest Summer Trends – 2018

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As we are well into the first month of 2018, we should explore the hottest trends for the summer. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular fashions of this season:


  • Jumpsuits

The effortless, go-to stylish outfit. Jumpsuits can range from formal, casual and even super beachy.
Whatever the occasion, you’re bound to find the perfect jumpsuit to wear.

All Bags - Jumpsuit


  • Sportswear

Sportswear has come a long way and it’s no longer restricted to athletes and gym-goers.
Sportswear has developed and become vastly popular in the street-wear genre. Comfortable and fashionable, why not?

All Bags - Sportswear


  • Fringing 

Fringing has become an extensively popular element on clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.
The trend started when Boho style became fashionable and the playful trend just stuck.

All Bags - Fringing


  • Sling Bags

Sling bags are Oh so trendy and extremely practical! Do away with the fuss of bulky bags and opt for a dainty sling bag this summer.
Pro tip: choose a neutral colour at first, in order to match any outfit and as your collection grows, go for bold and playful designs.

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  • Denim on Denim

This is a tricky trend, but if done correctly, it looks amazing! Play with shades and the weight of the denim to create contrast.
You can also dress it up, but please refrain from wearing denim accessories with a denim on denim outfit... #Overkill!

All Bags - Denim trend


  • Sheer

One of the hottest trends on the runway, is to barely wear any clothing at all… go figure!
Even though the biggest names in celebrity fashion are stepping out in completely sheer outfits, we urge you to approach this trend wisely.
A balance of sheer clothing items, layering and heavier items is a good way to start.

All Bags - Sheer trend


  • Pink

Think pink and layer yourself in lush, romantic shades of pink and rose, this summer.
This trend is everywhere and its official, that pink is the new black.
We’ve seen variations of this trend, including colour blocking, mix ‘n match, matchy-matchy and even pairing pink and red.

All Bags - Pink trend


  • Layers

You’re mistaken if you thought that layering is only a winter trend.
We’re having a complete nineties flashback, with spaghetti strap dresses, over t-shirts, making their way back onto the runway.
Express yourself through the art of layering anything, including multiple handbags and purses, which is also making it onto the runway in a big way!

All Bags - Layer trend


  • Pastels

“Less is more” has never been as applicable to fashion as it is now… light, gelato shades and pastel colours are all the rage.
Wearing all your favourite summer colours, in the subtlest way possible.

All Bags - Pastel trends


  • Pattern Layering

The polar opposite of subtlety, and it might not be for everyone. Layering various patterns in one outfit is a daunting thought,
but if its executed correctly, it is a super trendy look. Delicate florals, neutral abstracts or even sharp geometrics, the choices are endless!

All Bags - Pattern Layering trend


Trends come and go, so if some of these trends are unsettling, don’t sweat it,
because there’s going to be a long list of new one’s for you to try out, very soon.
Keep an eye on our weekly blogs to learn about new trends and other quintessential updates for every fashionista.


Happy shopping xx

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