The 10 Hottest Autumn Trends 2018

ALL BAGS - Autumn Trends 2018


Brace yourselves because Autumn is upon us! With the new season comes new trends… the hits and misses of previous seasons help us to better prepare for new trends and to quickly spot the hottest newcomers from the fashion fads that never quite last. We’ve taken the liberty of spotting the hottest new handbag trends of Autumn 2018 and compiled the crème de la crème of go-to season trends:


1. Circular Bags

We are no longer allowing ourselves to be restricted by square and rectangular shaped bags, but rather allowing the other geometric shapes to steal some of the limelight. Circular bags are feminine, dainty and ooze 60’s glamour. Whether it’s covered in fur, leather or sequence, a circular bag is definitely an eye-catcher.


ALL BAGS - Circular Bags


2. Gold Hardware

Gold hardware  is back in a big way. The application varies from petite and subtle to bold and assertive. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also practical: gold chain straps, handles, buckles, zippers and decorative ‘bling’ (for lack of a better word). Gold hardware attracts the eye, ties in with other accessories and adds symmetry. Pretty and practical.


ALL BAGS - Gold Hardware


3. Belt Bag

Practicality meets sophisticated and stylish. The belt bag is a modern twist on the fanny pack in a fashion-forward way. The simplicity and practicality makes it an effortlessly stylish accessory. The art of layering is a necessity when it comes to Autumn and Winter fashion. The belt bag adds to the layered aesthetic, simply and comfortably.


ALL BAGS - Belt Bag


4. Labels and Logos

The fashion world has always been brand orientated, but this Autumn you will notice bags boasting their brands and labels in a big way. The brands aren’t even necessarily expensive or trendy, but they will be visible.


ALL BAGS - Labels and Logos


5. Oversized

Fashion is usually about embracing the extremes. Micro handbags and even necklace purses are currently trending but so are oversized handbags and clutches. An oversized clutch contrasting with a form fitted outfit, makes for an interesting aesthetic. Not only is it trendy, but also way more practical to be using an oversized handbag, rather than a micro handbag.


 ALL BAGS - Oversized


6. Crocodile Skin

This trend may seem so 70’s, but crocodile skin is being exhibited on fashion week runways worldwide, making a daring comeback! Crocodile skin accessories are undoubtedly luxurious and intense. There is absolutely nothing apologetic about this trend. You either love it or hate it, but it looks like it’s here to stay.


ALL BAGS - Crocodile Skin


7. Antiques

No matter the current  hottest trend, we will always have an infatuation for classic style and trends of the yesteryear. In this case, antique handbags and clutches are appearing in every designer’s range. There are a variety of adaptions to this trend, from direct redesign of trending handbags of the past, to replicas of jewellery boxes and instruments as handbag and clutch designs. There’s a romantic and luxurious aesthetic around antique design. With its bold hardware and meticulous attention to detail, women swoon over these antiques.


ALL BAGS - Antiques 


8. Adult Backpacks

The ease of carrying your belongings on your back, isn’t only permitted for the adolescent. Adult backpacks are here and they are one of the hottest trends at the moment! The nonchalant and playful accessory gives the wearer an ambiance of being carefree and daring. Adult backpacks are fun and super practical.  


 ALL BAGS - Adult Backpacks


9. Chain Straps

Silver or gold, whatever your preference, chain straps are a 20’s revival, taking the fashion world by storm! Dainty and subtle or heavy and bold, there’s a classic elegance surrounding this trend, and we just can’t get enough of it!


ALL BAGS - Chain Straps


10. Fur Handbags & Accessories

Some skepticism surrounding this trend and there a various adaptions, but the most controversial is the difference between faux fur and animal fur. Looking past the controversies, no matter which variant of fur you choose, fur is warm and comforting, a perfect fit for the winter months. Fur also blends well with other materials, such as leather, P.U and cotton. Therefore fur can be adapted as a small accessory or on an entire handbag, the choice is yours.


ALL BAGS - Fur Handbags & Accessories 


Now that you are best prepared for the trendiest trends of the season, it’s time to pick your favourites and wear them with pride. Be a trend-setter this season and shop the latest trends at


Happy shopping! xx

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