Prints have made a marvellous impact on the entire fashion industry. Clothing, bags, shoes and even jewellery and other accessories are adorned with complex and beautiful, modern and eclectic prints. Many modern pieces are even showcasing  our classic, favourite prints, which may otherwise be found on vintage garments. From rich shades to calming pastels, there is bound to be a print for every fashion lover. These are our top 6, absolute favourite print trends for 2018:



 1. Logo Craze

You could’ve guessed this one. Logos, labels and brands still remain the backbone of the fashion industry, but it’s interesting to note that it’s not only fashion brands that appear on clothing, but also well-known pop-culture brands, restaurant branding and well-known food products. Represent your favourite brand on your clothing and you’re sure to make a statement.


ALL BAGS - Logo Craze



2. Soft Florals

You may think that florals are specifically a spring/summer trend, but you’d be wrong. Florals can be manipulated with toned down hues for a more subtle appearance during the colder months. All year round, florals are a show-stopper.



ALL BAGS - Soft Florals



3. Slogans and Hashtags

For the past few years, social media has influenced pop-culture and fashion in substantial ways. Quirky slogans, catchy phrases, famous quotes and trending hashtags printed on everything and anything... you’re bound to own at least one item of clothing boasting this fun trend.



ALL BAGS - Slogans and Hashtags



4. Stripes

To those who may have thought that this trend was dead and gone… think again! Candy stripes, pin stripes, monochrome stripes, there are so many variations of this trendy classic.



ALL BAGS - Stripes



5. Black and White Geometric

Black and white… a simple yet classic combination. A black and white ensemble can be dressed up or down, with the right accessories. Now, throw in some geometric patterns, to enforce the fine lines and sharp edges with this bold colour palette. You can't go wrong with this trend!

ALL BAGS - Black and White Geometric

6. Art Inspired

This is a biggie! Currently one of the biggest trends at the moment. Fashion and art are coming together as one… such a marvellous concept. Various designers have showcased famous art pieces on their clothing and accessories for a jaw-dropping effect.



ALL BAGS - Art Inspired



Adding some printed garments to your wardrobe is a daring yet rewarding move. There are so many variations of this trend, so if you’re the subtle type, opt for a slogan tee or soft florals. For those risk-taking fashionistas, there are tons of patterns and art inspired pieces to add to your printed collection.


Happy shopping xx

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