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The backpack makes its glorious return! I’ll be honest, I love handbags as much as the next girl, but my shoulder really needs a break.
Women, will manage to pack everything and anything into an oversized tote, in order to have convenient access to all of our daily goodies,
but after just two hours of hauling our handbag around a mall, which probably weighs just as much as a baby elephant, we seep into instant regret.


Backpacks on the other hand, have an even weight distribution, allowing you to carry more, for longer.
2017 backpacks are far trendier than my third-grade pink and white polka dot, backpack, which I happened to love!
Although they may be trendier, fashionable backpacks are far from a foreign concept.
Our favourite feature of trendy backpacks, is the idea of combining fashion and comfort which is a rare occurrence.


There may be a misconception amongst a few social crowds,
who are led to believe that backpacks are strictly “street style” and cannot be used in professional or lavish surroundings… but they happen to be wrong!


Looking for the perfect backpack for any occasion:


The Everyday Practical: 

This minimalist, stylish backpack is perfect for running everyday errands.
With a draw-string and flap, your belongings will be secure while you cascade around town.
A coffee date with your BFF or grocery shopping, this simple, compact backpack will be the perfect companion.

Everyday Practical Backpacks

The Multi-Tasker:

Leaving from the office, to have dinner or drinks?
Choose a versatile backpack, that is both quirky and classy, even though you may be wearing your favourite little-black-dress,
you’re still able to add some flair to your outfit with this chic backpack which can be worn over the shoulder as a handbag as well.
The added features of the woven detail and tassels, generates a classier appearance.


Multi-Tasker Backpack


The College Student:

We know that the life of a college student is constantly on-the-go, between class, study group, pizza nights, sport events, visits to the local pub and dorm room sleepovers.
You need a backpack to carry everything you’ll need for your busy day. This backpack is versatile and casual with small buckle details and colour blocking, keeping the appearance young and fresh.


College Student Backpack


The Sporty Trend-Setter:

If you’re the kind of girl that enjoys sleek, minimalist fashion and is always on the move, this simple, compact backpack is the perfect bag for you!
The stylish design and diagonal zip detail is trendy, whilst the compact size allows you to easily strap it on before a jog or a bicycle ride in the park with bae.


Sporty Trend-Setter Backpack


Are you going to embrace the backpack comeback?
Every girl is secretly excited to revisit this trend. The idea of stylish convenience is mesmerising!
Those summer adventures will be exceedingly venturesome with a quirky backpack companion.
Happy shopping!

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