International Handbag Day 2017

Jani Rust

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International Handbag Day

The 10th of October is a day that urges all handbag lovers to unite and celebrated the unofficial holiday, which is devoted to handbags, purses, totes and everything in between. National Handbag Day originates from the, where it was started in 2013. In just five years, the newly ordained day of handbag observation has come a long way, with #NationalHandbagDay making an impressive impact on various social media platforms yearly.


Back in the day, “purses” were more commonly used and had only one main purpose... to hold loose coins. When the early 1900’s came around, the term, “handbag” became well known, and its wider range of functionality was desired. The Handbag has come a long way since then, and to commemorate this important fashion commodity, we’ve decided to list the reasons why Handbags should be celebrated:


  1. Uncomplicating our lives… daily!

When last have you left the house without your handbag? If your answer is “never”, you’re definitely not alone.
All our personal belongings are thrown into it and transported around wherever we go, whilst still managing to look effortlessly stylish.


  1. Practically fashionable

Not only are Handbags fashionable and constantly evolving with ever-changing trends, but also vastly functional.
When Handbags are well designed, allowing for all of our belongings to fit into a pretty package, whilst remaining accessible and effortless,
it soon becomes an extension of your body.


  1. The perfect gift

No need to go through the embarrassing ordeal of searching high and low for the perfect birthday-outfit for your bestie, only to realise that it’s two sizes too small…
Instead, opt for a trendy handbag, because handbags always fit!


  1. Fashion Statement

The handbag is a reflection of the wearer’s personality and fashion quirks.
Be bold with a patterned hobo bag, or opt for a classic nude clutch, either way you’ll be making a statement.


  1. Women unite!

Handbags are fashion accessories which are able to take on various shapes, colours and styles, but ultimately,
they are a staple component, not only to our outfits, but to our lives. It’s a women thing!


In conclusion, handbags are more than worthy of being celebrated for at least one day, each year.
And to acknowledge this occasion, All Bags is having a ONE DAY SALE! Ladies, treat yourself to a new Handbag, this National Handbag Day!

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