The History of Fashion – Part 3: The 2000’s

All Bags - History of Fashion - Part 3 - the 2000s

As the 1990’s came to an end and we had entered the long awaited 2000’s, fashion didn’t change much, as we were all still infatuated with 90’s hip-hop fashion and continued to be infatuated with this fad for many years to come. The 2000’s are commonly referred to as the global mash-up in fashion. Fashion took on an eclectic form, borrowing staple items from various sub-cultures, such as hip-hop, Indie, retro, Asian and Middle-Eastern. Casual-dress for day-to-day life, became universal for young and old, with denim being a staple component in every wardrobe.

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Mid 90’s and early 2000’s saw the rise of accessible and affordable fashion. Clothing that were displayed on runways globally, would be sold at affordable prices in various department stores. Target became one of the most successful department stores, collaborating with various designers, to offer affordable fashion, boasting the hottest trends of the moment.

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With fast fashion, comes the blurred lines of ethics. Fast fashion requires a quick turn-around time and cheap labour, often in less than secure spaces,
paying labourers minimal wages for long hours of physical work. This is a social issue, which we still face today.

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Eco-friendly, Indie and Boho fashion became a part of this eclectic mix of globally accepted trends. Faux fur fashion became all the rage,
promoting animal anti-cruelty and recycled clothing items manufactured from hemp and other green-approved materials.

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Mid 2000’s boasted various trends, such as low-rise jeans, bootlegs, embroidery, denim jackets, various patterns,
etc. 2006 on particular, introduced skinny jeans, ballet flats, aviator sunglasses and hoop earrings.

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A strong military influence was also present, seeing many youngsters wearing cargo pants and cavalier boots.

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Even though the 2000’s had some memorable and favoured trends, there were also those trends that were gimmicks and short-lived, such as shutter shades and streaky highlights.
The 2000’s have a major influence in what we find fashionable today. The hip-hop influence still remains a strong link in modern fashion, with even stronger influences from pop-culture and social media.

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Next week we’ll dive into current trends. What are the biggest trends of the 2010’s, and how are these trends going to influence the future of fashion?
Log in to All Bags next week to find out.


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