The History of Fashion – Part 4: The 2010’s

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The 2010’s continue to be an interesting decade in the fashion industry. Designers have free reign of completely unrestricted creative roam, resulting in risky new trends, such as completely sheer head-to-toe outfits and recycled trends of the yesteryears, such as platform shoes and high-waist jeans. Some may argue that this decade is messy and out of control, as vintage, 80’s throwback, 90’s revivals, hip-hop and hipster trending clothing items, can all be purchased in the same store and possibly designed by the very same designer. Fashion is fast-paced and easily accessible, allowing every person from every corner of the globe access to the latest in off-the-runway items, at their local department store for a fraction of the price. Another lesson that we’ve learnt, is that you should think twice before throwing out last season’s fashion fad, because in the next couple seasons it might be a must-have revival.

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It’s difficult to place trends of the 2010’s in their own category, as we’ve done with previous decades. Society has become increasingly comfortable with challenging the status quo, therefore there is no dominant trend of the decade, rather various trends, which represent the beauty of eclecticism in fashion and acceptance of contrasting styles and personal preferences.

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We’ve sure learnt a thing or two about how to spot the difference between a passing fad and a lasting trend over the past couple of years. Boy, were we wrong when we though that chunky leg-warmers and neon colours would never see the light of day again… The early 2010’s still saw fashionistas playing with 80’s throwback items, but it was short-lived as neutrals and earthy-tones took the front seat and minimalist style became a thing.

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Another lasting style that we see rolling over into the 2020’s is Hipster fashion. This trend has surely stood the test of time, as its been around way longer than most of us care to remember. When it started, the “I look a little messy, because I’ve done it on purpose” look, took an acquired taste to embrace. The purpose of this so called ‘movement’, was to remain unique and steer away from main-stream trends, which is kind of ironic, because the hipster look has become super popular and dare I say it.. a mainstream trend. Acid wash denim, vests, flannel shirts, messy hair, beanies, fedoras, miss-matched patterns – the list goes on.

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Branded footwear, is a must-have in every shoe collection. This ties hand-in-hand with active-wear and yoga pants. Active-wear is no longer reserved for people that actually take part in sport or go to gym. The Average Joe can rock active wear to the nearest mall, out for lunch, to the movie theatre – basically anywhere! It’s important to mention that active wear doesn’t necessarily mean jogging shoes and a sports bra. Active wear is sneakers, track-suits, yoga pants, hoodies and all the basics of our every-day street-wear. Yoga pants have spiked a bit of controversy, as they are as tight as a second layer of skin, nevertheless woman continue to flaunt their bottom-half in various styles: minimalist, sporty and even psychedelic yoga pants designs.

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From one extreme to the next… Vintage style, which is so vintage that wearing your gran’s 1950’s dresses and pearls wouldn’t be frowned upon. This style can be spotted on A-list celebrities and in various popular TV shows. The popularity of movies and shows, such as The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey have influenced our new found interest in vintage style. The elegance of it all has us hooked! Long pleated skirts, pearls, floral patterns, lace on lace, high wasted everything, and often adapted to modern clothing, Vintage style has been revived in a big way!

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Ballet flats and skinny jeans have become somewhat of a staple or go-to-outfit for many of us, but little did we know that this is a recycled trend from a few decades ago,
worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn… Just another example of recycled fashion.

The 90’s saw the popularity of low-rise jeans, as girls would flaunt their bellies and lower backs with this sexy trend. Yet, this popular trend was overthrown by yet another popular fashion revival – the high-wasted denim, or basically high-wasted anything. Skirts, shorts, jump-suits, tailored pants, jeans, all of these items have been redesigned to hug your figure, rather than expose it. Make your outfit look sexy by pairing your high-wasted jeans with a crop-top to show some skin, or opt for a more sophisticated approach, by tucking in a slim fit shirt.

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Music has always had a major influence on fashion, but when Coachella broke out onto the pop-culture scene, becoming one of the most Instagrammed events of the decade, the popular annual music festival allows you to dance the night away, just a couple steps away from your favourite celebrities. Coachella, which has been compared to the extensive popularity of the likes of Woodstock, encouraging boho-chic fashion, which has now transpired into every-day wear. Lace-up sandals, flowing dresses, lace everything, flower head-bands, leather fringe, all these items can be worn at the same time, with absolutely no judgement.

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A couple other trends which are worth mentioning: The guys really enjoyed (and still do) man-buns, sculpted beards and your grandfather's comb-over hair-cut from WW2.
The girls on the other-hand sport the ombre, platinum and candyfloss hair trends, really extreme nail designs, jelly sandals, platforms, the high-low dress and sheer everything!

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The 2010’s, not to be confused with any other decade, has promoted eclecticism, the borrowing and reviving of fads and trends from various origins.
Freedom of self-expression and individuality in fashion, has never been more celebrated and evident.

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Join us next week as we explore the future possibilities of fashion in the final instalment of our blog series.


Happy shopping xx

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