The History of Fashion - A Timeline Blog Series

Jani Rust

History of fashion - Timeline

Telling the story of the history of fashion, is telling the story of iconic people and events which have aided in the molding of fashion and trends as we know them today.
Focusing only on Western fashion, a lot has changed over the past couple hundred years.
Women alone, have gone from wearing petticoats and corsets, to belly-bearing shirts and thigh-high boots.

Following fashion’s history from the 1800’s to the present and the future possibilities of fashion,
will require a series of blogs, in order to properly portray the look and feel of each particular era.

To become more informed about the history of fashion and trends which may even be currently trending,
stay logged in to All Bags’ website for our new weekly blog series, which will cover the following:

Part 1: The 1800’s - Late Victorian and Mauve decade.

Part 2: The 1900’s - Showing skin and the birth of the Hippie era.

Part 3: The 2000’s - Global mash-up and the influence of celebrities and the internet.

Part 4: The 2010’s – Online shopping and various influences.

Part 5: The 2020’s – The future of fashion. 

To learn the ins and outs of fashion and it’s iconic people, places and events, log in next week, for part one of our five part series.

Happy shopping xx

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