1st June – Nail Polish Day

ALL BAGS - Nail Polish Day


For those parts of the world that are currently venturing toward the summer seasons, this is the perfect holiday for you… Nail Polish Day! An ideal opportunity to get manicured and pedicured for those sunny beach days. For the rest of us, that are currently creeping toward our winter months, you are still able to celebrate this holiday by getting a trendy manicure and pedicure to embrace those autumn hues.


These are our favourite Autumn/Winter nail polish shades for 2018:


1. Shades of Burgundy

The ultimate autumn colour.

Burgundy can be paired with various colours and glitters for creative nail art. A warm tone that reminds us of the burgundy couloured leaves that fall during the autumn months. You cant go wrong with this colour.


 ALL BAGS - Shades of Burgundy



2. Shades of Grey

My personal favourite.

A light shade of grey paired with white and silver glitter, for the quintessential icy effect. Darker shades of grey are stylish and warmer in appearance.


ALL BAGS - Shades of Grey



3. Shades of Blue

There are so many shades of blue, each resulting in polar-opposite aesthetics.

Light shades of blue are usually directed toward a cool aesthetic, much like subtle greys. Darker shades of blue are more sophisticated and a classic winter shade.


ALL BAGS - Shades of Blue



4. Shades of Olive Green

One of the hottest nail trends of the season.

Usually paired with gold glitter or chrome effects, olive green is an ultra-chic colour for Autumn/Winter 2018.


ALL BAGS - Shades of Olive Green



5. Shades of Pink and Nude

This is an all-time favourite for any season.

Simple yet classic, pinks and nudes are available is a variety of shades and are easily adapted to suit just about any colour combination.


ALL BAGS - Shades of Pink and Nude



Nail colour changes with fashion, trends, our personal preference, the seasons and even events/holidays. There is a shade for every desired aesthetic.

Express your personal style, this Nail Polish Day, on the 1st of June 2018.



Happy Shopping! xx

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