Jani Rust

Most women have the perception that once your handbag is dirty, it’s time for a new one. Our handbags have become a staple item in our wardrobes, whereas before they were just an accessory. 
We know how much time and money you’ve invested to acquire that perfect handbag. So, we are letting you in on a few secrets that will help you revive your handbag and make it new again.

Instructions to clean the outside of your handbag:

Take a small bowl filled with hot water and a little Sunlight liquid soap. Take a soft microfiber cloth and help remove dust and dirt residue. Dampen the cloth with the solution, wringing out any excess, and gently wipe the handbag down. Clean the whole handbag, not just the areas that look dirty. Once you have rubbed the entire handbag with the solution, take a dry cloth and wipe the handbag gently. Be careful not to apply too much pressure and remove the ink in the material.

Instructions to reduce odours on your handbag:

PU handbags can retain smells in the fabric like cigarette smoke, perfume, aftershave or pet odours. Luckily, there are a few methods you can use to remove the smell. Start by placing the handbag outside in a shady area for about five hours. The crisp air flowing through the handbag releases smells and makes your handbag smell fresh. For heavier smells, place the handbag in a large airtight bag (like a Ziploc bag) and add a fabric softener sheet or a sealed fabric softener concentrate refill. Keep the handbag in the airtight bag for several days and your handbag should smell nice and fresh.

Instructions to clean the inside of your handbag:

We as women, well most of us, carry everything in our handbags – from hand lotions to a hairbrush, make-up and dirty tissues…the list goes on! So, it’s not surprising that we collect all types of germs inside them.

Cleaning the inside of your handbag is quite simple. It would require you to empty out your handbag, pull the lining out if possible and give it a good dusting. Take a damp cloth and dip it into the soapy solution that was used above and wipe down the lining. Leave to air dry for a little while.

After following these steps you will see a significant difference in your handbag’s appearance and realise that it’s not always necessary to replace a dirty bag, but to just clean it.

Please let us know what you’re bag cleaning tips are and good luck with bringing your bag to life again.


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