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South Africans are beginning to change the way they shop, by swapping out those frustrating trolley-to-ankle bumps, for couch-lazing and online shopping.


It’s no surprise that Americans, Europeans and even parts of Asia, are already way ahead of us, and have been visiting those virtual malls for a good few years now. It’s intimidating, I know… but it’s a more convenient way to find that perfect Spring clutch bag. If you’re new to the world of online shopping, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel a little skeptical about submitting your account details online, in the hopes of receiving a parcel which you haven’t actually seen in person… talk about trust issues!


Here’s a checklist to follow, in order to ensure that you are using a trusted online store:


#1 Before even beginning your “safety” checklist, you first need to make sure that it’s a user-friendly site.
Imagine spending 20 minutes searching for the perfect trendy backpack, only to realize that your café mocha is cold and you have no idea how to check out?


#2 Does the website allow you to contact the company with ease? Do they seem accessible?
In other words, are their contact details easily located on the website and are they reassuring?  If not… abort!
How are you going to contact them if you need to return your parcel, or worse, what if it never shows up? No contact details = shady!


#3 Is the company or brand, present, active and consistent on social media platforms?
There should be a link to their social media accounts on the website. Check their profiles to ensure they’re legit!


#4 Usually, accredited online stores will have an option for customers to write online reviews or rate their products or services.
This will give you a good indication of whether or not the company is professional and reliable.


#5 Have you ever wondered what this means:

Secure SSL image

It’s proof that the website possesses an SSL Certificate, which basically ensures that the connection from the web to the browser is secured.
No one’s going to be seeing your account details with this bad-boy!


#6 In case you are extra paranoid, try calling the number on the website to have your queries answered and assess whether or not they seem professional.


If the website possesses at least four of the above aspects, I’m pretty sure your account details are in safe hands.
Side note: always check how long delivery takes, and usually there will be a “free delivery” option,
which may or may not take a couple days longer to be delivered, but who doesn’t like free stuff?


An extra, more important side note: All Bags online store, ticks all the boxes in the above checklist, ensuring a secure online shopping experience, for all your stylish bag needs!


Our advice on online shopping: Give it a go! Instead of walking from store to store on a Saturday morning, bumping into that friend who never stops talking…
just let your fingers do the walking, in the comfort of your own home!


Happy shopping!

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