PU... A Leather Alternative

Jani Rust

Leather/PU bags

We’ve noticed that leather has become a hot trend amongst fashionistas alike, but have you heard of PU? Most likely not. PU is a synthetic, man-made faux leather. No, it is not ‘fake leather’, but rather the best quality, leather alternative.

PU is cost-effective, pliable and represents the same stylish look and feel of genuine leather. You probably wouldn’t even notice the difference... Both these materials have a similar leather texture, even though PU may be much more cost-effective, it still has the ability to appear expensive and luxurious. PU, just like leather handbags have noticeable wrinkles and breaks, which add to the overall genuine appearance of a high-end, fashionable look. 

Is PU vegan? Often PU materials are used as an alternative to manufacturing from animal-based materials. All Bags sells strictly PU manufactured handbags.

FYI, no animals were harmed during the manufacturing of these trendy handbags... We care about our fury friends too!

So, what are the benefits of buying PU handbags, rather than buying genuine leather?
- Stylish leather look-alike.
- Affordable
- Vegan
- Water-proof
- Trendy
- Easy to Clean

Let us know what your thought on PU Leather is.

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