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You would be surprised to know, that your handbag can flatter your figure, just as well as your favourite pair of jeans. That’s right ladies… choosing the right handbag, doesn’t only compliment your outfit, but also your physique!

Let’s dive in to the best tips and tricks for selecting the right handbag for your figure: 

  1. Tall and slender/Rectangular shape:

Your attractive long legs and slender frame will need a bag which won’t compete with your height. Go for a relatively slouchy hobo bag, which is wider than it is tall, giving the illusion of curves. A short strap hobo bag or a clutch is a great choice! Also, don’t be afraid of bold patterns and bright colours, your tall frame will definitely pull it off.

  1. Larger bust/apple shape:

Your upper body curves are beautiful, so don’t try to conceal them with a large, short strapped shoulder-bag, as this style will only dramatise your upper curves, with no attention being drawn to your hips or legs. Instead, choose a handbag with a longer strap to draw attention to those hips… If the bag rests just below your natural waist line, it balances out your figure.

  1. Petite shape:

Contrary to what you may think, an oversized handbag on a petite frame isn’t the best choice, as the bag will overwhelm your small body, and just like that… you won’t be wearing the bag, the bag will be wearing you. Avoid over-sized bags with long straps, as it may end up weighing you down. Instead, opt for a petite bag, which rests above your hips, making your legs appear longer. Medium-length sling bags or cross-body bags are great options for your teeny-tiny bod!

  1. Pear shape:

Girl, those hips don’t lie… Avoid handbags with longer straps, which will rest on your hips, overwhelming the hip area. Opt for a medium sized hobo bag, which ends above your hips, this will draw attention to your upper body, thus balancing out your overall shape. Don’t compete with those beautiful curves… accessorise them!

  1. Curvaceous:

Own those curves! Choose a more structured, boxy handbag, that won’t compete with your natural curves. Depending on which part of your body is most curvy, carefully select the strap length of your bag, in order for your handbag to rest against the least curvaceous part of your figure, accessorizing that area. Avoid petite bags and tiny patterns… your handbag should be as bold as you!

Body types

Our final words of wisdom: 

Firstly, avoid choosing handbag styles that don’t compliment your figure. Secondly, keep in mind, that your handbag needs to suit your lifestyle… Whether you are a corporate fashionista, a busy student, a curious traveler, a stay-at-home mom or an energetic shopper, your bag needs to carry all your essentials, so choose wisely!

Lastly, take your time when selecting the perfect handbag… remember that it doesn’t only accessorise your outfit, but also your figure!

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