ALL BAGS - The Pastel Craze


Pastels may be categorised as Spring/Summer colours, amongst fashion bloggers and designers alike but we’d like to think that these uplifting and undeniably beautiful colours have a place in the colder months as well. Pastels are currently undergoing a radical resurrection, so if you thought that your grandmother’s mint green blazer from 40 years ago, would never live to see the light of day… think again!


 ALL BAGS - Pastel Revival


If going full-blown and wearing a mink blouse over mauve skinnies, scares the wits out of you, then start off small. Build on a foundation of white, black or denim and carefully add pastel-shaded accessories or at least one of your garments should be a one-shade pastel colour.


ALL BAGS - Modern Pastels


Well-tailored pastel garments, paired with modern pieces is the ultimate way to pull off a 2018 preppy-chic look. When boldly embracing this trend, do remember that its 2018, so mix it up a little.


ALL BAGS - Pastel Hair


Pastel colours are not only trending in clothing, but also, shoes, jewellery, nail art, handbags and even hair-dye. Pastel shades are said to be the biggest upcoming trend for Spring 2018, so find a way to incorporate it into your wardrobe.


Get your pastel on!


Happy shopping xx


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